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Home Renovating for More Energy Efficient in Your house

Are you shelling out higher energy bills than average? The energy bills are a good indicator of how energy efficient your house is. One of the areas which determine the level of thermal insulation in your property is the windows. If you are getting higher energy bills, it is more likely that your windows are in need of replacement.

Below are few questions you can ask yourself to know whether it is time for you to renovating your home ? You should remember that it is often not essential to take off your whole home construction and add a new construction. Getting a new construction will satisfy your expectations but is a highly expensive activity. Comparably, renovate the rooms as needed are less expensive and keep the old construction as long as it is in a workable condition. Choosing a good renovation Singapore will get time efficient at affordable cost.

Are your curtains and furniture fading too soon? Most of the simple glasses that were used years back were not fitted with any kind of UV filter. While the sun light is essential to home, the ultra-violet rays are considered harmful. If your glass does not have any filter, you will see that your curtains, carpets and furniture (where the sun light falls) tend to fade soon. This is a giveaway that you need to replace windows.

Are you feeling draughts in the home? When you stand in front of your windows, you will be able to feel draughts if your window has small leaks. A draught will drain the effect of your heating or cooling system. There might be a leak that is small and invisible but it will still increase your heating and cooling bills considerably. The most common causes for leaks and draughts are weakened windows. If the problem is a loose seal between the sash and the frame, you can try to use a caulking gun and a sealant. But if the windows are worn out and the glass panel is old, it is better to replace the windows.