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Orbit International Moving Company

Considerable attention should be given to the actual preparation of items and personal belongings for overseas movement. A professional International moving company in Toronto

would be aware that proper packaging is one of the most important elements of shipping overseas.

There are three problems to keep in mind when packing an export shipping crate. They are breakage, weight, and moisture.

  1. You have to keep in mind that other cargo may be stacked on top of your crate and can damage the crate through the course of the voyage. At an overseas destination, the cargo may be dragged, pushed, rolled or even dropped during unloading, while moving in and out of customs, or in transit to the final destination.
  2. Moisture is a constant problem, especially if the cargo is being transferred by ship and subject to condensation. The ship should be equipped with air conditioning and dehumidifiers. The cargo should also be waterproofed effectively so that not a drop of water can seep into the cargo and damage the items. Another effective means of eliminating moisture is shrink-wrapping. This involves sealing the merchandise in a plastic film.
  3. If your cargo is not properly weighed, sealed and packed. The receiving destination may send it back should it determine that it does not meet security and transport regulations.

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